Things You Don’t Know About Custom Coins

Collecting custom coins is a growing trend nowadays. People love to collect these coins. There may be some rare ones that are difficult to collect and are pricey but there are also coins produced by manufacturers for common people.

If you are a coin collector, start with the simple ones first. They are easily available in the market. Then the rarer ones. You need to do a lot of research and be prepared for the amount you’ll have to pay.

Military Coins

ChallengeCoins4Less is your one-stop source for great challenge coins of all kinds. We provide quality coins at reasonable prices. Some of our clients include the US Armed Forces, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and NASA. We also service police and fire departments and other major companies.

US Armed Forces

custom challenge coinsIt has been the practice of US Army men for decades to bring with them customized coins wherever they will go most especially if they will be deployed to a battle. Each group or battalion actually has their own custom coin. It represents brotherhood, camaraderie and unity amongst the members. The unit’s custom coin represent their group’s mottos and their pride.

US Air Force

The very first custom coin an Airman may actually receive is right after graduation. It is being awarded to a cadet at the Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

This is the very first of the many custom coins that they will receive during their service. This marks the transition of being a trainee to a member of the Air Force.

custom military coins

The original version of the Airman’s coin features an eagle clawing its way out of the coin while the reverse has a “Hap arnold” star which is a white star with a red dot in the center. The words “Aerospace Power” is engraved on the coin’s side with the eagle while the other side bears the statement “Awarded on the occasion of becoming an airman in the world’s best Air Force”.

The current version of the coin being awarded to newly graduated trainees has the US Air Force symbol in replacement of the eagle.

US Navy, Marines, and the Coast Guard

All members of the military takes pride when receiving their own coins. The very first custom coin that one will receive is right after training. It is not just an award but a recognition of them being a member of the military.

All challenge coins for each department are unique bearing the motto of each department, their theme and image. This is so because all departments have different requirements and specifications for their coins.

Majority of these coins are made from bronze, copper or iron. To give more meaning specially to those who fought in a battle, coins sometimes come in gold or silver. This serves as an appreciation for risking their lives in the service of the country.


Another very interesting custom coin to collect are those being awarded to NASA employees. NASA also awards custom coins to mark a milestone in space exploration. Just like those first space explorers to travel back and forth from Mars.

Fire Department

Fire fighters also receive special coins. What is being awarded to them are the Special Forces coins. They risk their lives every day to save people from fires. Special Forces coins are awarded to them in case that they get burnt. The fire fighters work hard to save lives of people. Sometimes they get scars or burns in putting out the fire. The brave men spend long hours controlling or putting out the fire. Sometimes they spend like fifteen to twenty hours continuously. There are times that they will also be using helicopters to control the fire.

Police Department

Police DepartmentThe police coins have similar importance to those in the military. The police whether they are current or are retiring are being awarded such coins for their remarkable service to the department. These police coins reflect the motto and the image of the unit that they are being awarded to. It enhances a police officer’s dedication and loyalty to the field. Police challenge coins also specify the designation and rank of a police officer.


Coins are not just being given to the people in the military. A common individual may also receive a custom coin in recognition of service. There are also those companies specially media entities which award custom coins to their members. It serves as an identification to the entity that they belong to.

Challenge coins are priceless and the reason why it is awarded gives the coin more value. Such coins should be designed carefully. Choose CustomCoins4Less since we have the expertise in providing your coins based on your needs. Our artists have years of experience in this industry. Your members will definitely feel proud that they are associated with your unit, department or company. Custom coins give what money cannot give. It gives pride for the service, dedication and accomplishment a receiver has provided.

At, we can provide any style of law enforcement coins you want, at unbeatable prices. 

How Professional PCB Fabrication Works

Printed circuit boards or PCBs play an important role in the production of technological products across the globe. The capabilities of PCB will amaze you just how you’re stunned by the power of internet since it was first introduced to you. The world has changed obviously but people still look for innovations to make life easier. In business, it’s important to have a reliable partner to materialize your goals in a timely fashion. And in order to help you achieve these goals, you will need to work with an excellent PCB fabrication partner available in your area.

PCBThis kind of service is ideal for single or double and even multi-layer printed circuit boards in prototype. You can also depend on this for your low-volume production amounts through the use of various materials as well as technology options. By leveraging your designs and fabrication needs in a tailored production system, you can efficiently achieve low-cost PCB assembly process with high quality outcomes. If that’s so, PCBNet can help you meet your requirements in a more affordable manner.

Choosing A Reputable PCB Company Online

PCBNet integrates wide ranging inspection procedures in order to make sure that the final product’s functionality is consistent in the long run. These methodologies consist of PCBs visual inspections, cross-section evaluations, sample lot assessments, and electrical testing to guarantee quality and functionality. The company also incorporates proven fabrication models to provide customers the exact products they need for their business necessities and other related requirements. No matter how tight your deadlines are, working with PCBNet is the ultimate solution you can have.

If you need standard prototypes, you’re on the right place. With typical delivery time of 5 days, rest assured that you can finish the project at the right time. Standard fabrication PCBs are normally shipped within 10 days although it may differ depending on your provider. With PCBNet, you will receive the shipment based on the agreed time and location. Rush jobs are available within 24hours when requested. All you need to do is choose a reputable company to provide you timely service no matter where you are in the world.

Things To Consider When Working With A Local PCB Provider

PCB AssemblyBefore you place your order, be sure to understand the detailed description needed to start the project. You will be asked to provide information about the PCB physical requirements, type of materials, solder mask options, types of finishes, and legend types. You can follow this link to know more about the available options you have including insights and advice regarding PCB fabrication. Printed circuit boards require expertise and the right tools in order to produce quality and reliable prototypes. You wouldn’t want to compromise the functionality of your products because it will only cost you much.

To prevent glitches and confusion, the entire fabrication process was divided into different areas. This significantly allows simpler access to any information needed in each area. With the help of PCB fabrication experts, rest assured that you’re getting the right solutions for your production requirements. And if you need technical reference and other related resources, you can count on the PCBNet website for successful tips and insights about printed circuit board fabrication.

Overcoming The Complexities Of PCB Manufacturing

The process is complex and output-driven that’s why there’s no room for errors. You need to understand that fabricating PCBs is no joke. It will include inner layer fabrication process, outer layer assembly, tin stripping, immersion tin or final finish, connector finishing, rinse-water quality, and waste treatment. Hence, you will need someone who is well versed and experienced when it comes to PCB fabrication for top quality output. On that note, PCBNet is your reliable partner in terms of achieving your fabrication goals for the best outcomes.

And because PCBs are specifically designed to mechanically support and electrically connect technological components through conductive tracks, copper sheets, pad, and other important features, it’s a smart decision to find an excellent provider for these services. Components like active devices, resistors, and capacitors should also be considered when choosing a service provide so that you can guarantee that your project will be finished on time and at quality level. Highly developed printed circuit boards involve components which are embedded within the substrate so take note of this as well.

Always remember that PCBs may be one-copper layer or single-sided, two-copper layer or double-sided, or inner/outer layered or multi-layer. This will help you identify which type will suit your current requirement at more affordable costs. The conductors on various layers are linked through “vias” while multi-layer PCBs let users achieve higher component solidity. Perhaps you’ve already heard about FR-4 glass epoxy used as primary insulation substrate. This support the building blocks of printed circuit boards via FR-4 panel along with copper foils laminated to the side. You can learn more about PCB fabrication by just clicking this link now.

Author Bio: is an expert printed circuit board (PCB) supplier situated in Washington State, USA. We are provide most reliable source for high quality and on time Printed Circuit Boards.

Being a Motivational Speaker – Meaning, Role, and Opportunity

In order for things to move, there must always be a cause. The same principle applies to how people work, study, or perform, and to how people become driven to strive and accomplish a job.

This is where motivation comes in.

Everyone can use some motivation. It is not a luxury; rather it is a human necessity. As there exists reasons behind given tasks, goals are a constant, too. Moreover, in order to achieve the goal, people must be persuaded to get certain jobs done.

Aside from rewards and such, there is something else than can aid in motivating people.


A motivational speaker is a person who uses the power of voice and speech in order to urge people to do something, change course, or strive towards a goal. It is a profession that requires talent, wit, will, and skill, and most of all, an unshakeable belief system and a strong heart. Being a motivational speaker is never a joke. To get one person to believe in what you have faith in is difficult. How much more difficult can it be to convince a massive crowd to buy the ideologies one sells? Motivational speakers are the experts to call if spot on deliveries are what a group needs to get to work. It is mandatory that a motivational speaker understands what he or she is to give a talk about. The piece given by an orator of this kind is called a pep talk.

The scope that motivational speakers cover is quite extensive. From lifestyle hacks, secrets to success, and simple solutions to complicated problems, motivational speakers can definitely help. A speaker’s audience does not necessarily need to be numerous. A speaker can talk to a small group of five or less or to an enormous mass of hundreds—depending on the sensitivity and specificity of the topic to be discussed. A speaker may be hired to talk in business endeavors such as conferences or symposiums and in the same aforementioned events in academic institutions also. Even in religious or political groups, a motivational speaker may always be a part of the program. This class of speakers can be called in different terminologies—also depending on the sort of matter they discuss. For example, those orators who motivate the crowd for reform and change in the government are called Agitators or Adjudicators as they were called in previous times.

But the meaning of being a speaker does not change. They are also called inspirational speakers. The origin of this profession can be traced to ancient Greece, where orations and public speeches became part not only of the people’s everyday entertainment routines, but also of the intrigue that enveloped Greek politics. Even to the more recent inexplicable charisma that the fallen dictator Adolf Hitler has emanated, the power of the tongue is a present tool that led to his victory and tragic downfall. These pieces of history are proven and recorded proof that motivational speaking is never a profession to look down on, but a noble practice to admire. Up to the present day, motivational speakers aid people to understand concepts, explain or prove theories, and even destroy malicious and negative mentalities all around the world. It is logically improbable that there would be no speaker that lives within your neighborhood or country.

MotivationIf a person has the talent, willpower, conviction, and charisma, it is strongly suggested that he/she become a motivation speaker, as well. It may be a tricky profession, but aside from the benefits a speaker can get, consider the benefit that the listeners can gain. The knowledge and wisdom that they would absorb from a meaningful speech, the questions they get to ask themselves as they listen to the words of the well-knowing person standing in front of them, suggested solutions to the matters at hand, and the answers they come up with by themselves, of course. Also, listening to a speaker cannot be harmful. In fact, it is psychologically healthy for it gives the listeners the opportunity not only to hear and learn, but to speak as well, should they wish to.

Some motivational speakers offer to facilitate an open forum where their listeners can ask questions or give their feedback. As helpful as it is to the audience who can raise their clarifications and comments, it is also a chance for the speaker to improve the negative feedback they receive and strengthen the compliments they get. It is technically a win-win situation.

Find the time to become an audience to a marvelous motivational speaker in your neighborhood. There is no need to hesitate. Listen, and be enlightened!

Everyone can use some motivation. It is not a luxury; rather it is a human necessity. As there exists reasons behind given tasks, goals are a constant, too. Moreover, in order to achieve the goal, people must be persuaded to get certain jobs done. Click website here you get alot about motivational spreakers and how they important and great.

Team Callaway – Golf Icons Represent the Best Golf Brand

Team Callaway is Callaway’s personal team of golfers endorsing for, winning with, and loyal to Callaway Golf. Members of the team are among the best professional golf players. Inside the team’s circle, the best among the bests throughout all times are also chosen. There are only five of them and are called: “The Icons.”

1.David Lead better

golfDavid Lead better is the world’s #1 golf instructor. His teaching methods are well-known and recognized in the golf world. He started as a golfer then switched to teaching techniques in 1980. His students for the past 30 years have gathered a massive number of awards and trophies from both major championships and individual worldwide tournaments.

He now owns 28 golf academies in 13 countries. With seven published books about golfing techniques, David Lead better is also the world’s #1 author of golf instructions books. He became a part of team Callaway when he went to Callaway Golf to offer his services. He met Ely Callaway and the two instantly had a good bond. A five-year endorsement contract was signed afterwards and he’s been emphasizing his personal love for Big Bertha since then.

2.Pete Cowen

Pete Cowen is the world’s most in-demand coach. His students are very amazed by his knowledge and some of them even made it to Team Callaway. His coaching philosophy is about simplifying everything and focusing only on the important areas of the game. He joined Team Callaway as an ambassador in 2011.

Neil Howe, President of Callaway Golf Europe, Middle East and Africa commented on Pete Cowen’s joining team Callaway. He acknowledged Pete’s move as “a major coup in the golf industry.” Yet, he also emphasized that getting Pete to join team Callaway is a good reflection of how the company is highly committed to equipment, innovation, custom fitting, and the Tour. Above all, he further stressed, is their unwavering commitment to player performance.

Pete Cowen, on the other hand, said that he is honored to be one of this top golf company’s brand ambassadors. Standing alongside such performers and celebrities such as David Lead better, Johnny Miller, Arnold Palmer, and Anoka Sorenstam is indeed something to be proud of. It is hard not to see the value Callaway has been able to offer golfers for the past 25 years. It has always been right at the forefront when it comes to the use of technology in manufacturing of golf equipment. He looks forward to being part of the company as it moves forward.

3.Gary Player

Being known as “The Black Knight,” “Mr. Fitness” and “International Ambassador of Golf,” Gary Player is now regarded as one of the greatest golf players of all time. He won nine major titles in his career and more awards and titles from the major leagues and other tournaments. He held the record for the oldest golfer to every make the cut at the Masters with the age of 62. He signed an endorsement contract for Callaway Golf at the age of 65 for several products including Big Bertha Heavenly Woods Hybrids, FT-5 Tour Drivers and Rule 35 golf ball.

4. Annika Sorenstam

Anoka Sorenstam is the only girl in the Team Callaway Icons and yet keeps up being the LGPA Hall-of-Famer. She won 10 major championships in her career and holds the record of having the most Rolex LGPA Player of the Year award for having won it eight times. She has won massive amount of awards from different aspects of the golfing and is considered by many as the greatest female player in golf history.

Anoka has been in Team Callaway her entire career and has extended again with another endorsement contract for Callaway Golf that would end in 2016.

5.Arnold Palmer

Known as “The King,” Arnold Palmer is the most popular and inspirational golf player in history. He has won a total of 92 titles with seven major championships in his career.

He joined the Team Callaway in 2000 after someone let him try a prototype golf ball from Callaway while playing at a desert course in California. A few swings and Palmer considered the ball as a revolution to the golf industry. The golf became Rule 35 Golf later and he decided to endorse it himself.

Steps in Creating an Advertisement Using Digital Signage Software

Digital signage software provides all the essential tools to help user create, manage, and control a digital signage that is widely used for many different purposes. Digital signage has become very popular in today’s market as it can be dynamically played in cable TVs and fully automated broadcast media outlets. Companies nowadays are choosing digital signage over billboards and other still advertisement because it allows a more flexible and powerful campaign promotion.

Digital Signage SoftwareCreating contents for an advertisement or infomercial is a very tricky business but is made easier through the various digital signage software available everywhere. With easy-to-use and readily available tools, these software can help content makers create the perfect campaign messages and designs. Some software providers even provide customizable template for an easier creation of advertisements and campaign promotions. This way, the companies wouldn’t need to hire an A-list advertising team to come up with commercials to promote their services and products. In a digital signage display in a restaurant, for example, managers can easily train their staff so they can easily control the ads that will be displayed in the LCD screen. But what do they need to remember in creating infomercials in this platform? Here are some key points that every content developer must consider:

  1. Know your audience. Be mindful of the customers’ demography to know the kind of language and design that would strike to them most. Perhaps, the current holiday trend will attract more attention than a plain untimely content.
  2. Write clear and concise tagline or statement. Make sure to get the gist of the idea that the business or organization wants to convey. Consider if the digital signage is supposed to sell a product, endorse a promo, update price rate, or offer a new service. All the words and text in the digital signage must capture the main objective of the business.
  3. Digital signage software also require different messages for the different screen zones. In most cases, the display is divided into two to four screens, so content developers must consider making a strategic message contents to make the overall display look good.
  4. Make an eye-catching design that will create a lasting impact to those who will see it. Utilize the capability of the digital signage. Make use of motion graphics, moving typography, and animated images to promote the products, services, or ideas. It is best to consult a designer before composing the content of the signage so the quality will not be put to risk.
  5. Polish content thoroughly. Consult the promotion head to check if the finished advertisement material suits the objectives of the company or the project. Making lots of revision is not bad as long as the end product will meet all the requirements. Besides, most digital signage software are user-friendly so altering the content will not cause a lot of trouble. If possible, pre-test the digital signage to a small group of the target audience.
  6. Publish the polished content depending on the capacity of the company. For big companies, it is best to consider digital billboards or any bigger platforms so more people can see the ads. For smaller scale trades, on the other hand, such as organizations that do not really need to sell products in the national markets (e.g universities, hospitals, banks), an in-house display would already suffice.
  7. Maintain the digital signage regularly. With the use of a good digital signage software, companies can easily manipulate the schedule of the appearance of each infomercials. Displays can be altered whenever, wherever without much hassles. So, as long as the signage equipment is working, the content author can continually develop the contents of the digital signage.